Treehouse fantasy break time!

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Corbin — of the zipline wedding from Offbeat Bride — built and lived in two treehouses, and we’re going to take a morning break strolling through them. Unfortunately, neither treehouse is in use any longer — the new one fell down after Corbin lived in it for five years.

Kitty and a futon! Kitty in a treehouse has to be an amazing life, right?

Oh, I’d love to look out the window and see swaying redwood branches. We’re keeping up with Corbin to get a personal story from him in the coming months. In the mean time, continue to estalk him on his blog.

How do you think you’d handle thunderstorms in a house like this?

Comments on Treehouse fantasy break time!

  1. Gasp! When I saw this headline on the home page my jaw dropped with happiness. A treehouse would be my dream home. Moar treehowzez plz! 🙂

  2. I want! LOVE it! Can you imagine being a kidlet growing up in a tree house? ALL your friends would want to come over for sleepovers!

  3. Looking at those trees, it might be like where I was in Western WA, where there weren’t thunderstorms. This was an unexpected loss for me when I moved to WA from always living in the Southeast or Midwest. It didn’t even register that there could be a place without thunderstorms, especially a place that rains so damn much. A constant, cool temperature rather than clashing hot/cold air masses equals drizzle. I felt like a limp carrot under the timed sprinklers at the grocery store–I was just kept moist. I think thunder occurred twice in two years I lived there. But I’m back south and heard thunder today!! (Sorry, can you tell I LOVE thunderstorms?? 🙂 I love treehouses too!)

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