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How do I make K-Cup storage look cool?

Like many other workplaces across the country, the Keurig obsession has hit our office — they have these nifty little containers for making coffee, tea, or just about any other hot drink you can imagine, and saves lots of time. But how on earth do you display them in a non-boring way?

Caffeine altar: creating special space for your rough mornings

Back in my wild-partying days, I used to do this thing for myself: before I went out, I’d get my bedroom all set up to be the perfect come-down/hangover den. I’d make the bed and fold back the blanket. I’d leave the twinkly lights on. I’d set a glass of water on the bedside with a couple Advil, right next to the stereo remote. Basically, I got really good at anticipating my compromised mental/emotional state, and pre-creating a space to make it a little easier.

In my kitchen now, I’ve used the same idea to create the perfect caffeine altar.

Science-y, Steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker

Y’all, I love me some coffee, and my husband STILL laughing over when I got my coffee maker for Christmas: I hugged the box while exclaiming “It grinds AND it brews!” But it takes one dedicated-ass coffee snob to purchase THIS steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker.

What do you know about making awesome Kombucha?

I feel like I’ve graduated — I read Offbeat Bride every day until my recent wedding and now to fill that hole I’m reading Offbeat Home.

Recently I’ve been thinking about making my own kombucha in my house. I’m wondering what advice you might have about how to go about doing that, what the best ingredients are, what considerations and items I would need?

Pre-summer sipping: Mint orange sweet tea recipe

After trying out different tea combinations, I’ve decided my absolute favorite iced tea is the very simple recipe below. Orange + mint = delicious.

Not another one: dealing with gifts you get again & again

As part of spring cleaning, I’m sifting through closets and trying to figure out what I need and what I’ve got too much of. As part of this process, I’m realizing that I’ve got an overabundance of certain objects … all of them gifts. See, Andreas and I seem to attract certain types of presents, and while each gift has been deeply appreciated and a great idea, I have several boxes full of duplicated great ideas that I’m now guilt-battling to say “I don’t need all of these, get rid of some.” When I looked at the gifts that just kept on coming, patterns emerged. Once I’d identified the gifts we got over and over again, I decided to start dropping hints about related alternatives…

ดอกอัญชัน: From seed to cup, make DIY tea

Learn about a bright purple tea from Thailand and how you can make it yourself, from seed to cup, thanks to an adorable video tutorial by Mariegael.

Fluid Friday: Spice up the morning routine with fancy pants coffee mugs with naked ladies, creatures of the deep, and video games

I love dressed-up everyday useables like cool coffee mugs. It seems like they’ve been popping up more than normal lately, and I’ve found some really nice ones to share. Just watch out when you get to the bottom! Some of these cups are tricky.