So you want to get into loose leaf tea, but don't know where to start…

My hubby and I started drinking tea a few winters ago while trying to cut down on sugar and pop, and it's been a huge hit in the house ever since. Unfortunately it did take some trial and error to figure out the best ways to buy and brew a variety of loose leaf teas. That is what I'd like to share, the basics of getting into loose leaf tea without breaking the bank or winding up with a bunch of tea you hate (I swear I didn't just throw out three tins of two-year-old tea that had only a couple of cups used…)


How do I make K-Cup storage look cool?

Like many other workplaces across the country, the Keurig obsession has hit our office — they have these nifty little containers for making coffee, tea, or just about any other hot drink you can imagine, and saves lots of time. But how on earth do you display them in a non-boring way?