Pre-summer sipping: Mint orange sweet tea recipe

Guest post by Dale Mackey

This is the second of today’s food-filled posts on Offbeat Home, and it’s another installment from Dale Mackey. If you make this drink, let us know how it goes! -Cat

In anticipation of summer, I’ve already started practicing my iced tea sipping skills. After trying out different tea combinations, I’ve decided my absolute favorite iced tea is the very simple recipe below. Orange + mint = delicious.

Orange Mint Iced Tea


  • 3 bags Constant Comment tea
  • 2 tablespoons dried peppermint (in tea ball or rubberbanded coffee filter)
  • peel of 1 orange (or two clementines)
  • about 4 cups boiling water
  • sugar, honey, or sweetener of your choice (optional)

Put tea, mint and orange peel in a heat-safe pitcher. Add boiling water and sweetening agent if desired. Let steep for 15 minutes. Remove tea, mint, and orange peel. Let cool to room temperature and then cool in refrigerator. Serve over ice. LOVE.

Comments on Pre-summer sipping: Mint orange sweet tea recipe

  1. I must try this! I recently bought a pitcher for summer drinks, and once the lavender lemonade that is in it currently is gone, I will totally make this. I love sweet tea~

  2. Rubber banded coffee filter = Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only person who does that! I’m too cheap to go buy a tea ball, cause someone gave me a coffee pot and what seems to be a lifetime supply of filters for a wedding present.

  3. oh! we make orange-mint iced tea all of the time for the staff at my work. we muddle the mint and the orange and it makes it sweet without having to add sugar. yummo.

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