5 more bizarre AF tea infusers

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Even this tea infuser is wondering why it’s a tea infuser.

We at the Offbeat Empire have had a long-standing obsession with tea infusers, from the clever to the cute

But seriously, tea infusers? Now you are just getting ridiculous. Just look at these loose leaf tea infusers that we found on Amazon, and try not to laugh your ass off…

The Faucet Tea Infuser is bulbous and phallic, ammaright?

This Squirrel tea infuser looks like it’s getting ready to poop in your cup.

This umbrella tea infuser comes with it’s own umbrella tea infuser stand! Even worse, it is “elegantly etched with the word ‘TEA’ on the base.” WHY!?

The Happy Platypus infuser. Because I always say there aren’t enough tea infusers that look like an animal has been gutted and bleeding into your cup.

I have one word for the Tongue Tea Infuser: Gross!

Alright, I’m stopping before I go down the rabbit hole and never come back.

Do YOU have a favorite bizarre tea infuser? I wanna see ’em!!!

Comments on 5 more bizarre AF tea infusers

  1. Huh, usually you don’t have very judgy posts. I’m kinda surprised. At least maybe add something like, “GROSS… but also awesome?”

  2. The platypus one is at least somewhat accurate, biologically, because the female platypus feeds her young by secreting milk through the skin of her abdomen, instead of through nipples like other mammals.


  3. I rather like the umbrella one, but the “tea” etched into it is so unnecessary 😛

    The rest of them are not things I would want to use. Especially since those silicone tea infusers are quite difficult to clean out.

  4. Awww, I was actually quite charmed by the plat-tea-pus until you pointed out it looks “like an animal has been gutted and bleeding into your cup”. Now I can’t unsee it. But the good thing is, most people have tea mugs in opposed to tea glasses, so you don’t have to see the graphic bleeding.

    I have a mana-tea tea infuser that I’m actually quite fond of (http://www.fredandfriends.com/table/manatea/MANA.html). My sister got it for me as a novelty (noveltea) Christmas present and I love it, though I barely use it (I have real tea strainers that do a far better job).

    However, I went on a month-long overseas trip earlier this year and I really regretted not bringing my manatea with me. I had bought all this amazing local loose-leaf tea, but had no way to infuse it. Using paper coffee filters allowed me to at least attempt to strain my tea, but most of the time resulted in a lot of mess. Bringing a silicone tea infuser (which would have taken up less room in my luggage than a metal strainer, and be far less likely to be damaged) would have saved me from a lot of disappointing cuppas. Next time I travel, my manatea is coming with me.

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