Is this the cutest tea thinger I’ve seen today?

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rocket tea infuser
We all know I’m very serious about my tea (so serious that I have a special caffeine altar set up in my kitchen), but even I can’t resist the totally silly cuteness of this adorable rocket ship tea infuser. Brewing highly caffeinated awesomeness, lift-off in 3, 2, 1…

(And yes, I think it’s even cuter than their cute robot tea infuser.)

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    • My duckie just finished brewing some Harney & Sons Valentine’s blend for me (black tea, chocolate, and rose petals). There is no day so good or so bad that a rubber duckie swimming in a mug can’t make it a little better.

    • I have one of those. I call it my Tea Ducky.
      I sing “Tea cup ducky, your the one / you make tea time, lots of fun” when I use it.
      It makes me wish I drank more loose leaf teas.

  1. I had this because I thought the same thing, and it broke almost immediately! The hinge keeping the two rocket halves together is very flimsy, I didn’t even get one use out of it 🙁

  2. I bought this for my husband last Christmas, and he bought me the same brand’s robot version! They are super cute and look great in our robot-themed kitchen.

    A caveat, though: neither of them hold loose tea very well at all — be prepared for A LOT of tea leaves floating around in your cup! They are pretty flimsy, too, as Sam (above) mentioned; ours haven’t broken yet, but I can’t imagine them even making it through a drop to the floor. Final thoughts: great for display, not so great in actual practice.

    However, if you’re itching for some more cute tea steeper action, check out this guy:
    It’s a Tea-Rex! We have this one, too, and it works much better — the silicone seals more tightly and keeps the tea leaves in the steeper and out of your mouth!

  3. I love my tea, and this infuser, but they can be fiddly to put tea in and it can escape. We use the strainers from the chatsford tea pots/tea cups instead. or a tea sock but they do stain.
    You can get similar ones in stainless steel

    What I need for our tea and coffee areas (and toaster) are trays that keep the coffee bits and beans corralled and not escaping round the kitchen work top.

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