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Look but don’t touch: Let’s talk about tattoo etiquette

Obviously touching anyone without permission isn’t cool, but is it really just as shitty for strangers to even look at your tatts without asking? What are your rules for admiring ink and having your ink be admired?

Tattoo your home: Sailor Jerry and vintage-style tattoo home goods

I have a friend who’s covered in Sailor Jerry-style tattoos — roses, swallows, pirate ships, and anchors. Now I LOVE her tatts, but thanks to my fear of needles and commitment, getting vintage-style artwork permanently inked on my skin isn’t an option. But I can damn well see it every day in my home!

From bowls to bedding, plus sexy shower curtains, check out some of my favorite vintage tattoo-inspired home goods…

I don’t care if my kids get tattoos, but I do have a few ground rules

My two-year old just learned to say “tattoo”. I have two tattoos, and he’s very interested in them. I’m not sure he understands what tattoos are — maybe he thinks Mommy’s skin just grew these intricate designs, like he grew the mole on his leg that he’s also very interested in. Maybe one day he’ll want a tattoo of his own, and if he does, there are six rules.

How do you mix tattoos and careers?

I am getting a tattoo on my right forearm, and am very proud of what it is. However when I go on a job interview, my could-be boss might not appreciate it. How do you mix tattoos and careers? Should I cover it up with a long sleeve shirt, be honest about having it, or just walk in and let the chips fall where they may?

Look like a bad ass mofo while washing dishes

You know what sucks about doing dishes? Everything. It’s boring, it’s gross, it makes my hands all dried out, and it’s a chore that’s impossible to feel like a bad ass doing. Until these mother fucking Tuff Dish Tattoo Kitchen Gloves came into my life.

Stuff you guys love: temporary tummy tattoos, kid’s bike seats, and so many BOOKS

It’s no secret around these parts that I run a post featuring products from one of our many affiliates once a week or so. These posts are always an awesome way to share product recommendations and stuff that helps you navigate these murky waters we call parenting — the books posts alone are proof of that.

This beachside yoga-infused maternity session’s gonna make you swoon

Amy and Tres share a love for yoga — in fact, they were introduced to one another by their yoga teacher. The two are now expecting their first tiny yogi, and decided to have some fun with yoga during their maternity session with Cassie Leigh Photography.

Not another one: dealing with gifts you get again & again

As part of spring cleaning, I’m sifting through closets and trying to figure out what I need and what I’ve got too much of. As part of this process, I’m realizing that I’ve got an overabundance of certain objects … all of them gifts. See, Andreas and I seem to attract certain types of presents, and while each gift has been deeply appreciated and a great idea, I have several boxes full of duplicated great ideas that I’m now guilt-battling to say “I don’t need all of these, get rid of some.” When I looked at the gifts that just kept on coming, patterns emerged. Once I’d identified the gifts we got over and over again, I decided to start dropping hints about related alternatives…