Look like a bad ass mofo while washing dishes

Updated Oct 12 2015

You know what sucks about doing dishes? Everything. It's boring, it's gross, it makes my hands all dried out, and it's a chore that's impossible to feel like a bad ass doing. Until these mother fucking Tuff Dish Tattoo Kitchen Gloves came into my life. Now I'll feel sufficiently bad ass AND my hands won't get prune-y and then dried out.

Even the box it comes in is awesome:

And they're only $8 on Amazon!? Fuck yeah, bad ass dish washing gloves are cheap and awesome. I think these are now my go-to tongue-in-cheek bridal shower gifts!

  1. And just like that I might actually help my husband do the dishes now. I HATE my hands getting dry and touching gross food stuffs. BLEH.

  2. I have these and they do make washing the dishes more fun! I get to make fists of badassery at people.

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