Your kitchen needs a retro diner booth!

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Listen to me Homies… one day… ONE DAY I shall have a retro diner booth in my kitchen. Right now, I have a small galley kitchen that barely fits two butts, let alone a diner booth. But if you have room, you have to do me a favor and take advantage of Retro Planet’s free shipping deal on their retro diner booths.

Wanna take a few measurements of your breakfast nook, or maybe your game room, and then check out some of these awesome booths? If you promise to get one of these and let me live vicariously through you, I’ll show you my dream booth. Lookie…

Chevie diner booth and table set
Maybe the Chevie was too big, how about the Designer Serenade booth for two?
Maybe you have a large corner to fill. Check out the Circle V-Back diner booth.


70’s Mod kitchen booth set with hot orange trim and atomic orange formica pedestal table.

Retro Planet has more booth styles and choices on their website and they’re offering free shipping to the continental US. So you mainlanders — if you have vinyl dining dreams like I do, act now!

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  1. I *completely* love the red and white corner booth. COMPLETELY. If I had the space for a dedicated dining area that is definitely what I’d go for.

    The shiny jewel coloration on that and most of the others is so cool.

  2. Must have orange and yellow booth of amazing-ness. That is all.

    Now, how to get them to offer free shipping to Canada and figure out how to fit it in my kitchen…oh, and convince my husband that I’m not insane:)

  3. Free shipping is an amazing deal! We got a diner booth for our kitchen 4 years ago (through another company) and while the booth is fantastically made, the shipping alone was like $400! So yeah, if i didn’t already have a booth, i would so pounce on this deal.
    Oh and if you’re on the fence about getting a booth – i totally recommend them. Mine still looks new after 4 years, 1 kid and two dogs. I find it takes up less space than a regular table and chairs would in our small kitchen. It’s comfy to sit on for long periods.
    There are some drawbacks: the vinyl can be pretty hot and sticky in the summer (if you don’t have AC)
    you can only seat a limited number of people at the table

    Anyway, i would totally recommend getting a diner booth. Go for it!!

  4. Oh! I know these guys! I was looking for tin signs a few weeks back and came across them. It was so awesome all the goodies that I spent hours looking at their website. I didn’t happen across the diner booths though. What an fantastic idea! I have a whole nother plan going on for our kitchen right now and this booth bizo has thrown me for a six! How gorgeous! I gots speak to the hubby! I think my kitchen really DOES NEED a retro diner booth!

  5. Just what I need! Too bad I don’t live in the states right now…

    Also: how awesome, I didn’t even realize you could just order a booth like that online! 🙂

  6. Oh! I would love a booth in my home! It’s the perfect solution to fitting a dining table into my apartment. Any ideas where I could get one in Australia?!

  7. Thanks for the post. I may actually buy one rather than reupholstering the one I have. I have a diner booth in my kitchen but hate the color and there’s a tear in the vinyl. Wish they had black though.

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