Help! My bedroom is overrun by bras

Underwear easily rolls/folds and fits into the drawers I have. But I can't figure out how to economically stuff 20 or more bras into a drawer and make them accessible. I can't be the only bra hoarder. What do you do with clothes (but seriously bras!) when you don't have a lot of closet space or existing furniture?


How to DIY a treasure chest storage box

I decided to make a little treasure chest for our wedding cards. I think my grandfather, who used to make things like this for fun and as gifts, would be very proud if he were alive today. I almost felt him watching over me as I made this, which made it very special. And here's how I pulled it off…

Repurpose a fancy tea box as DIY tie holders

I received a gift of a fancy assortment of green teas in a lovely wooden box, and I was just itching to figure out a great way to repurpose it. I loved that it already had dividers inside, making it a great little organizer. My hubby's tie collection was a mess, so I decided to give it a whirl.


Use binders to downsize and organize your DVDs with an easy-loan bonus

We used to have a crap-ton of DVDs. Seriously, they took up an entire wall. Then we moved into our tiny little house. We have windows on every wall, so there isn't a single open space long enough for our cabinet! The new plan: Declutter, join Netflix, and ditch our clunky DVD cases — opting instead to store them in this lovely little binder that tucks nicely under the television.


What do you know about vintage mobile home restoration?

Our new vintage mobile home.[/caption]My husband and I recently purchased a totally sweet vintage (1967, baby!) mobile home, and we are really excited to finally be home owners. While it took me a minute to get over my middle-class judgements about "trailer trash," etc., I am now all in and thrilled that while it may not be our dream home, it is OURS. (Also, the wood paneling is pretty amazing.) But because of my total lack of experience with mobile-home living, I feel really unprepared for the quirks and particularities that will come with our new home.