DIY this grassy make-up wall storage

Guest post by JoEllen Elam

Remember a few weeks ago when we showed off an organized bathroom with shower caddy storage? This week, check out how costume designer JoEllen not only uses, but decorates, her caddy for makeup storage.

cute makeup storageI’ve been searching the web for a cute wall-mounted makeup storage unit, but could not find anything. So, I just made one! Here’s how…



  1. I spray painted a shower caddy.
  2. Then cut the faux grass squares to fit the frame.
  3. Then I twined the grass grid to the caddy with floral wire.

Now I have a super cute unit to display my favorite makeup in a lush setting!

Comments on DIY this grassy make-up wall storage

  1. This is pretty cool, but when I saw the header I was desperately hoping it was live grass.

    • I did the same thing!

      Now I am imaging planting a bunch of orchids or other plants like this, to combine the orchid post and this one. The shelves might have to be staggered on the shower caddy for that, though. Or maybe orchids on the top shelf and ivy or something in the bottom.

  2. I had never ever thought about covering up a shower caddy and using it outside of the shower. You could use cloth or faux fur or paper… I’m totally trying this!

    • I had the same thoughts! It would be so easy to do this with a whole bunch of other materials. This is perfect for someone like me who enjoys different crafts but isn’t very creative.

  3. I used to use a shower caddy on my kitchen wall for fruit – it was perfect, air circulated and it was in plain sight to remind me to eat it, i hung my apron, etc, from the bottom. many uses! i never thought to decorate it up so well though!

  4. While a very pretty idea for storage, I tend to be a little of a neat freak and if you’re not going to wash out the holder every once in a while, I foresee the pretty grass patch being infested in dust! The real grass idea seems like a lot more interesting idea really and I’d love to see if that could be done!

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