Cover Blubber is going to kill your plastic wrap and save your food

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Photo courtesy of ThinkGeek
Cover Blubber

Have you guys seen Cover Blubber yet? It’s this awesome reusable super-stretchy rubber wrapping material, intended to cover food and keep it fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer. In short: It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

These seemed too good to be true, but I checked out some of the Amazon reviews, and they are legit:

You can get this set of 4 on Amazon.
You can get this set of 4 on Amazon.
These are soooo handy! My favorite use for these is to protect fruits and veggies. I use the small one to cover items like half a lemon, or the medium for when I used half a tomato, and they worked fantastic! The only negative I would say is that you can’t put them in the dishwasher but it seriously takes five seconds to clean these so it wasn’t too big of a deal to me. It’s worth not wasting ziplock bags that are used for two days and thrown away. –kattichic
I only bought one of these to try it and I am impressed. I used part of an avocado, covered it with Cover Blubber and didn’t use more until several days later. The avocado was perfectly fresh and not darkened. I use a little more and put it back for another couple of days and it was just as fresh still when I got it out and used the rest. I’m here today to buy more and I think I will plan to tuck one into bridal shower gifts and Christmas stockings for adult children and maybe even make Easter baskets just to spread these around. –Nancy
Photo courtesy of ThinkGeek
Photo courtesy of ThinkGeek

So what do y’all think? Are you gonna ditch your Ziploc bags and plastic wrap, and go full Blubber at home? If I wasn’t actually afraid of purchasing food with an expiration date, I would totally rock these babies!

UPDATE: I bought ’em, I love ’em, I use ’em all the time.

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  1. Ooh, neat! I’m in the process of making re-usable snack bags to reduce my Ziploc usage. These are definitely worth checking out; I’ve passed up most of the department store options because they’re rigid. I’ll be back in a few weeks with my findings!

  2. MAN, that’s so cool; I’m getting this. I know I’ll spend the first few days walking around the house, trying to find things to put it on, but eventually it’ll get used properly….

  3. Hm, I’ll have to bookmark these for the Great Tupperware Replacement of 2014 when I finally pull the trigger on getting glass storage containers. Upgrade all the storage!

  4. Those look like a great idea!

    Right now we’re using up the last of our normal plastic wrap then we are switching to a compostable kind. I really like living in a city that collects compostable waste and turns it into compost for city parks.

  5. I am a big fan of Food Hugger, too 🙂 These look great also because they can conform to other shapes, whereas FoodHuggers are mainly circular. Great way to minimize waste!

  6. If they ever make an alternative that isn’t rubber, I’ll be all over that. Meanwhile, I’m gonna sit here and miss my pineapple eating days while cursing my horrible latex allergy.

  7. Megan, I am right there with you: “If I wasn’t actually afraid of purchasing food with an expiration date . . .” These things look so cool, it makes me wish I did buy real food so I could use them!

    • Can we talk more about this being afraid to purchase food with expiration dates? (Only if you don’t mind going into further deatil.) I’m curious why and what could help.

      I’ve got some weird food safety issues, but I also love eating veggies. So after 1 week, I freeze what I didn’t use for veggie stock or throw it in the compost.

      It isn’t always the most cost effective, but if a recipe calls for 2 potatoes, I only buy 2 potatoes (also don’t keep potatoes in the fridge).

      • Oh I don’t mind going into detail. For me, it’s totally not food safety issue, it’s an anxiety issue. I don’t like buying things that dictate when I need to want to eat them.

        If I buy milk, or fruits or veggies, it then begins this countdown of time in which I NEED to consume these things, or I just wasted my damn money. And because I’m such a stubborn asshole, I end up being like “Hey, fuck you, food. I’ll eat you when I want. You can’t tell me what to do.” But oh yes, it can. And thus I generally avoid purchasing food with an expiration date. Cruel little dictators they are.

          • Yeah. It’s annoying when food gets moldy, stale, spoiled, fermented, or otherwise icky. But, the fact that those foods break down makes me feel better about eating them, because at least they’re not full of preservatives! That being said, food often ends up in the freezer for future use, and fruits that are kinda icky but not totally spoiled get mixed in yogurt or get baked into muffins.

          • I feel like this with buying milk. I don’t drink milk, so I only ever buy it if I need it for a recipe, and then I’m like, “Crap, what do I do with this leftover milk?!?”

            My “plan” with fruits and veggies is to get stuff that is easily snackable in raw form. The less preparation it requires – beyond maybe some basic cutting – the easier for me to grab and consume it before it goes rotten.

          • @Alissa, you can totally freeze milk! Just make sure to mix it well when you defrost it for your next baking adventure!

        • With regard to milk and other dairy products, if you buy the organic kind, they typically have a much, much later expiration. I don’t know why that is, but at least at my grocery, the organic milk lasts for like a month. It’s more expensive up front, but less expensive long-term if you don’t drink it that often. 🙂 I dunno if that would still put too much strain on your anxiety or not, but if not, it might be worth a shot.

          • Most national brands of organic milk are ultra-pasteurized, which makes them last a whole lot longer. However, it also means that you can’t use them to make cheese or yogurt. If you don’t plan on making those and you like the taste of ultra-pasteurized milk then buying this type is a great way to make it last longer.

  8. I will need to get these at some point. But I’d have to get several sets. I hate plastic wrap, and when we wrap veggies in aluminum foil, it’s sometimes hard to tell what we have in the crisper.

  9. In theory these are amazing, super practical, a great invention but, I…just…er…my eyes are squicked out by the texture already and I don’t have them in my hand. They look like those jelly rubber bouncy balls that get all dusty and gray germy when kids smack them against the wall, that I just can’t help but think I would hate how they feel in my hand!

    Maybe if it was made from another material I wouldn’t feel like this!

    • Okay, yes, this. I was really hoping someone had used them before and was like “No, they don’t collect dust or hair OR bad feelings!”
      I don’t know what material could possibly work for this purpose that wouldn’t be squicky, but I’m really excited to see what the future brings us. TECHNOLOGY.

  10. As ever not available in the uk yet and some of the reviews are good, some aren’t. But…. will definitely add this to pinterest to look at at a later date.

    • As someone who’s seriously mind-blown and excited by the prospect of this product–especially to use for the “always using a sandwich bag to keep the partial onion in the fridge” situation, I’m thinking, if/when I buy these, I’ll just dedicate one for onion storage.

      • Partial onions are a perfect excuse to own one of those pretty gasket-lidded jars that otherwise sit around looking domestic-chic yet dusty.

  11. These are cool. Really cool. I work week on week off so I am away from home A LOT. Food storage is an issue for me. I may just have to purchase some fruit frangers!

  12. Why do these types of otherwise very cool items, have to made in such hateful colors. Why not clear, or pale translucent colors. Good grief everything is ugly.

  13. These are awesome! They seem like such a great alternative to plastic bags, and I’m intrigued by the possibility that they may help food last longer as I’m horrible at eating things before they spoil, which leads me to feeling really guilty for being wasteful and hence not buying many fruits and veggies. Would love to change that.

    Also I personally love the colors! They’ll go great in the bright kitchen I’m planning. =)

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