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Eat like a Jedi: Star Wars dinner sets!

Thanks to Think Geek, there exists such a wonderous thing as Star Wars dinnerware! These are the mother fucking plates you’re looking for…

Guardians of the Galaxy cake as seen on @offbeathome

Nerdy nibbles and cereal crusts: kid-at-heart dessert recipes for the child in all of us

Hello food-loving friends! Over on my recipe blog, Bijoux & Bits, I’ve been featuring some recipes that would appeal to any kid: superhero cakes (in this case, Guardians of the Galaxy!), cereal crusts (Fruity Pebbles!), and Star Wars cookies (of the “Chewie” variety!). Here’s the scoop on each in case you’re in need of something tasty to tempt your kids and of course, your own cranky-pants kid at heart.

These Star Wars shoes will literally light up your life

Can you even believe these lightsaber lace-up heels? The heels feature Luke’s lightsaber and flash blue when you step! Of course they’re from Offbeat Empire favorite, Irregular Choice. Of course they’re $323. Of course I want them… along with all these other Star Wars shoes from Irregular Choice and Think Geek…

Cook like a Jedi with these Star Wars kitchen goods

Last time I put together the super-subtle Star Wars bathroom. Now I thought I’d present to you the super-over-the-top Star Wars kitchen!

These chalkboard-style Star Wars posters are patently awesome

This is probably the classiest and (perhaps) subtlest Star Wars nerd poster of all time! But there’s so much more where that came from — search Star Wars chalkboard art on Amazon and let your fanboy minds get blown away.

Sit on Darth Vader while you eat from the Death Star

Stop everything you’re doing and join the Dark Side… we have cookie jars shaped like the Death Star. But first, look at this Darth Vader chair…

Star War-termelons: a refreshingly nerdy summer treat

The Empire has featured some awesome ideas for serving watermelon in the summertime. And now there are Star War-termelons!

These are the super-subtle Star Wars bathroom items you’ve been looking for

Maybe you’re a huge Star Wars fan, but your live-in partner doesn’t agree with using your childhood Star Wars sheets in your bedroom. Or perhaps you’ve held off on your Death Star-inspired living room decor, since you often host business meetings at home. This, Homies, is why I love getting weird in the bathroom. (No, not like that… well, maybe.) THIS is the super-subtle Star Wars bathroom you’ve been looking for…