Star War-termelons: a refreshingly nerdy summer treat

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Star War-termelons

The Empire has featured some awesome ideas for serving watermelon in the summertime:

And now Star War-termelons!

Just cut slices of watermelon and use these Williams-Sonoma Star Wars Pancake Molds to cut out the shapes. Then serve your deliciously nerdy summer treats.

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  1. I really like this idea!!!

    Also, I’d like to share this watermelon fake cake everybody and their grandma have been pinning, just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet:

    It’s paleo and gluten-free and all that shit. The original recipe uses cream of coconut so it’s vegan, but I’m going to try a cream cheese frosting at some point. Or will it slide off?!? We’ll see!

    Also: Who else thinks that this is totally Megan-simple(TM) and should be featured on one of the next of her cooking challenges? 😀

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