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Quit “should-ing” all over yourself and get all the endorphins with DANCE WALK

As I was reading through all the brilliant suggestions for offbeat hobbies, I found myself should-ing all over the place. Every time someone mentioned running, my brain said, “Yes, hrm, I really should do that.” Then I noticed every time someone mentioned dancing, I felt longing. When I finally realized what I was doing, I said, “Hey, I could dance.” I stopped, searched Meet-Up for dancing, and found THE MOST AMAZING GROUP EVER.

Merry Sithmas: How we made our own Star Wars Christmas lawn ornaments

I saw a Christmas card last year that had an AT-AT with reindeer antlers that said “Merry Force Be With You” and I thought that would be awesome in my yard, and then thought about adding the sleigh and tauntaun reindeer from there. Here’s how we made all of this ourselves…

Give the gift of nerdy custom fashion with this nerdy screenprinting tutorial

My fiancé and would like to honor our friends with some gifts. They are all somewhat nerdy about one thing or another. So we’ve decided to DIY screenprint a symbol for each person that refers to their specific nerdy thing: Next Gen, Original Series, Doctor Who, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and Star Wars. Here’s the DIY screenprinting tutorial…

Bridging the gap with my children’s interests: Why one geeky dad is learning to love cartwheels

I’m beginning to have an understanding of what my father felt when he came home after working all day, grabbed our baseball mitts, and stepped into my room to ask if I wanted to play catch. He would usually find me on the floor of my room, in the midst of a galactic battle between good and evil, Empire and Rebellion. Now that I’m a father, I find myself with two young daughters who have the same view of their father as their grandfather once held.

The 25 most adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con

EEEEP! I am loving this round-up of 25 adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con — it’s the perfect antidote for those of us nursing our “I can’t go to Comic-Con” blues. How can you feel sad when such a cute version of Iron Man exists?! Here are a few more of my faves!

LeakyCon and 4 other nerd-tastic summer cons perfect for parent-teen bonding

Guys, summer is almost upon is… which means it’s TOTALLY time to get ready for con season! We’ve chatted about taking a small child to a con (totally doable), but never before have we waded into aspirational con territory for many a parent-child duo: taking your teen to a con. Luckily there are tons of options this time of year — there’s a con for just about every form of geekery you can drum up. Harry Potter fan? Check. Horror movie aficionado? You got it.

My Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter rainbow living room

What I like best about my living room is that it is MINE. No one else I know has a Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter rainbow living room! Here’s how I turned my boring living space into a family-friendly living room straight out of a nerd’s fever dream.

Put Stormtroopers and Boba Fett to use in your garden

We already know that Darth Vader can be useful in the kitchen. But did you know that Stormtroopers and Boba Fett can be just as useful in the garden? Derek (of Cute Fight-fame) uploaded this amazing find that he entitled “Meanwhile, on Endor…” to our Flickr pool.