An open letter to the Sir Catspian shower curtain

January 29 2015 | meggyfin
Sir Catspian Shower Curtain
Sir Catspian Shower Curtain

Oh hai, Sir Catspian shower curtain! I just met you and I'm in love with you. Maybe it's your suit of armor, or the fact that you're riding a freaking narwhal like a horsie. Or perhaps it's just the expression of pure (purr?) joy on your face…

This is totally the face I'd make if I was riding a freaking narwhal.
This is totally the face I'd make if I was riding a freaking narwhal.

Or perhaps it's all those things combined with the fact that I could hang you up in my bathroom, so that I could see you first thing every morning. But you, Sir Catspian, are my most favorite thing in the world right now.

Thank you for existing.

Love, Megan

  1. Oh my golly golly gosh – two of my favourite things in a shower curtain – a kitty (a wicked one at that) and a Narwhal! I think I may faint with excitement. Thanks Megan for sharing!!!

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  2. I love that I can rely on Offbeat Home to provide me with all my vital shower curtain news in one convenient location. This is tied with the stripper sloth for my next shower curtain purchase.

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  3. You know, I was already really anxious about getting a call back from the job I just applied for, but now I want it even more because I want to be able to pay for this amazing shower curtain. Cats in armor? Narwhals???? YESSSSSSSS.

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