“Generic Giraffe Riding Shark Never Stop Dreaming”!?

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giraffe riding shark shower curtain

That is seriously what this Amazon product listing is called: “Generic Giraffe Riding Shark Never Stop Dreaming.” What in the damned fuck has ever been “generic” about a one-eyed giraffe with a sword riding a shark?

I love this curtain because it combines two of my favorite things:

Sharks + the giraffe-themed bathroom (Girbathroom)!

This shower curtain looks like it was put together by my unconscious mind while I was candy flipping on an overnight stay at the San Diego Zoo.

And it could be all yours for $39!

This has been Megan Finley, reporting live on the latest development in silly shower curtain news. Stay tuned to Offbeat Home for all the ridiculous shower curtain information that you need to know.

Comments on “Generic Giraffe Riding Shark Never Stop Dreaming”!?

  1. Perhaps they are confused and think “generic” is a synonym for “awesome.” I did a search for “generic shower curtain” and got results ranging from Doctor Who to Game of Thrones-themed curtains.

  2. I think “generic” here refers to the fact it will work with any size/type shower ( within reason ).
    ( But don’t ask me what a ‘specific’ shower curtain would be!)
    It’s a bad place for an adjective to be sure.

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