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Anticipated foreign coldness in a weird place: Our Russian honeymoon

The hardest part was walking through campus (we both teach) and listening to our students talk about going to Jamaica and Cancun while we were scrambling to find a winter coat for my husband. The week before we started to regret our decision, thinking of tropic locales while anticipating 2.5-4 feet of snow (in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively). But it was amazing.

“Generic Giraffe Riding Shark Never Stop Dreaming”!?

This shower curtain looks like it was put together by my unconscious mind while I was candy flipping on an overnight stay at the San Diego Zoo.

11 fin-tastic fashion pieces inspired by sharks

Since that guy I married was attacked by a shark, we are constantly being sent shark-related products with messages like “thought of you,” or “have you seen this!?” And the answer is always “Yes!” I have seen all the shark things. So let me share with you some of my favorites when it comes to fashion…

Shark-themed bathroom: The most dangerous bathroom you’ll see today

Next week we shall be taking a tour of Homie Kat’s punky artsy studio apartment in Seattle. But this week — Shark Week — I’m teasing you with the coolest bathroom my eyeballs have ever bared witness to. Behold the majesty of Kat’s shark bathroom!

The Shark Attackiversary: We use a brush with death as an excuse to throw a yearly party

In 2007 that guy I married was attacked by a tiger shark and survived! So every year, on the date of said attack, we throw Aaron a “Shark Attackiversary” party. It’s much like a birthday party, except we celebrate the day Aaron didn’t die instead of the day he was born. Since then I’ve really fallen in love with the idea of throwing a party that celebrates a traumatic life experience that you’ve overcome.

Bite into this gluten-free, red velvet shark cake

Summer is a great time for shark-centric entertaining! Jaws airs every July 4th week, and in 2013, August 4th marks the return of The Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week. If you’re celebrating in honor of these fascinating underwater creatures, here’s how to make a 3-D shark cake.

Gifts for every geeky girl and boy

Do you have a geek in your life that you need prezzies for? You’re in luck! Geeks are easy to shop for because we’re total geeks and get excited over the most ridiculous shit. But if you’re still struggling to find that perfect geeky gift, no worries I GOT YOU! Here’s Megan’s guide to gifts for geeky girls and boys alike.

Put a fin on your nesting bowls!

You know how much we at Offbeat Home love to decorate with sharks. I stumbled upon these fishy nesting bowls and I couldn’t resist sharing.