Shark-themed bathroom: The most dangerous bathroom you’ll see today

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9450545684_637c829e91_bNext week we shall be taking a tour of Homie Kat’s punky artsy studio apartment in Seattle. But this week — Shark Week — I’m teasing you with the coolest bathroom my eyeballs have ever bared witness to. Behold the majesty of Kat’s shark bathroom!

I feel like an effective way to influence people to not take so long on the loo is to release a giant two-headed shark into your bathroom. Check out the teeth on this thing…

9447762803_13a82a3c7b_bFirst of all, meet “Romeo and Juliet,” Kat’s two-headed shark. (Juliet is the one with the big smile.)

9447762757_a9bbc40b25_bEven better, the placement of said shark is right over the toilet. The toilet that’s topped with some fun shark print fabric. I’m also digging the bathroom gallery wall of mermaid art.

9447762765_4e8565f02c_bSpeaking of shark fabric, check out the awesomeness that is covering up the washer and dryer area.

9447762843_91db7a87df_bFinally, here’s the vanity area. You can see the reflection of the sushi shower curtain in the mirror. I also spy some nautical-themed bathroom goodies.

Gawd, I love this bathroom! Tune in next week when we tour Kat’s entire apartment.

Comments on Shark-themed bathroom: The most dangerous bathroom you’ll see today

  1. Hey, I have that shower curtain too! Our bathroom is painted a deep turquoise, and that plus the oranges looks fabulous. I love seeing it with all the shark and mermaid goodies.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post but OMGSHARKLOVE! Here I was thinking Shark Week existed solely for me… Kat you may be my soul mate. My boyfriend will be so disappointed to hear.

    I need a two headed shark in my life.

    Ironically, the ocean terrifies me. But sharks are my favorite animal. I even convinced (with not much effort because they are super cool people) my friends to give their baby boy the middle name Thresher. After the thresher shark, of course. Then kicked myself for not saving it for my future spawn. *sigh*

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