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DIY Baby Mobile Tutorial + 5 other projects you’ll love

This tutorial is actually ultra simple and uses just a few inexpensive crafting supplies that you may already have laying around: photos, craft paper, scissors, glue, wire, and a paper punch. And don’t stop at photos… think of spaceship shapes, circles and triangles, bugs and birds, monsters, jungle animals. There are just SO MANY possibilities!

Chalkboard wall decals for your kid’s room

One of my favorite features on OBM is the “pimp my kids room” posts — I’m a big into interior design and kids rooms are some of the coolest decorating spaces. That’s why, when I saw these cool chalkboard wall stickers, I immediately thought they’d be a a fun addition to a child’s room. Apply […]

Conquering Shared Space for Teenagers

I have two stepdaughters. They don’t live with us full time. And this summer they drove me absolutely INSANE. They fought all summer due to lack of personal space and feeling like people view them as a solid unit as opposed to individuals. They’re in that place, developmentally, where they REALLY need to have their own individual identity.

Screw! You know… for kids.

I’m not really quite sure what this is, but it’s called “Screw” and it’s for kids, so that’s pretty cool. Personally, I think it looks like something a kid could really get hurt playing with, but it appears that these crazy looking toys are in fact, children’s furniture… and also toys. They were created by […]

How I turned my kid’s room into an undersea dream for less than $100

My son loves animals. Since he was three he has wanted to be one of three things: A dolphin trainer, a shark trainer, or a zoo keeper. At one point he even wanted to marry a T-Rex. Me: So when you get older what do you think your wife will be like? Him: She will […]

Unique bunk bed designs + other baby and kid rooms worthy of swooning

Ariel’s post last week about turning her closet into a nursery got me thinking…How else can you creatively use the space you have when you have kids?

My husband and I currently live in a small 3 bedroom house, and we hope to have at least three children. Who we’ll have to cram into one room. The solution for us is going to lie in the liberal use of bunk beds and, as it turns out, that means way more fun anyway! Check out these cool (and totally copy-able, if you’ve got skills like that) bunk bed designs