DIY Scrapbox Memories Tutorial by Giddy Giddy

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Shadowboxes and scrapbooks are excellent ways to hang on to those little items, photos and knick-knacks that we hold so dear. This kitschy, simple tutorial that I spied over at Giddy Giddy is all of those things wrapped up in one… plus it doubles as fantastic wall art!

What’s so great about this project is that you can use materials around your house as the backdrop boxes: old jewelry boxes, shoe boxes, scraps of paper, ribbon, decorative paper and any ephemera you have laying around from your little kiddo’s life so far. They can be as gigantic or as teeny as you want, and would be a great piece of art to hang above a crib or nursery table.

I’ m just in love with the simple color and visual appeal of this project. The options are endless, the result is CA-UTE y’all! Simply divine.

PSSST: She has a long list of original DIYs and an adorable shop populated with kid and babe accessories that are making me SQUEE!

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  1. Oh this is so cute! I might have to wait a couple years to make one for the newbie, most of our memorabilia for him so far came from the NICU, and I don't want a NICU shrine. I'd love to have one for each of our boys though. It would make me feel better about obsessively saving weird things from them.

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