One of my favorite features on OBM is the “pimp my kids room” posts — I’m a big into interior design and kids rooms are some of the coolest decorating spaces.

That’s why, when I saw these cool chalkboard wall stickers, I immediately thought they’d be a a fun addition to a child’s room.

Apply these over-sized wall stickers to any clean, dry surface; then write on ’em with ordinary chalk. And then a damp cloth wipes it all away for another day.

A+R has a bunch of cool designs in various animal shapes…

And I got curious, so I took my search elsewheres and found a lot of other great chalkboard wall decals to fit all different types of kids…

Aspiring musicians.

Future pilots.
Serious artists.
The next Jane Goodall.
Future, um… environmentalists?

Or create your own chalkboard wall decals with chalkboard contact paper and start pimping your own kids room.

Comments on Chalkboard wall decals for your kid’s room

  1. My main concern is the wall around it and the floor beneath the decal getting all chalky.. otherwise i love the idea. we were thinking about doing something similar with a large felt piece attached to the wall and little pieces to stick to it. but given that i'm only 24 weeks pregnant it'll be a while..

  2. We were thinking about doing something like this but wonder if the paint comes off when you take the contact paper down, any one have any thoughts on that?

  3. Just so all you awesome OBMers know… you can go to any sign shop and have them make CUSTOM chalkboard vinyl decals in any shape or size! I know, I work at a sign shop (when I'm not writing for the Offbeat Empire!).

  4. Neat! I love the drums, or shall I say my 3yo would love, love love those drums. My sister painted a whole wall of her kid's bathrom with chalkboard paint and she keeps buckets of sidewalk chalk in there for anyone who uses the bathroom to leave a message. It gets pretty funny in there after parties…

  5. Ha, we just moved into a house where someone used chalkboard paint on textured walls and tried to do decals as well. Let me say neither works on texture… my spray bottle of simple green and I found that out the hard way. The decals I peeled off of the bumpy wall (standard texture over drywall) definitely took up bits of paint at the very least, big spots at the worst PLUS texturing. Maybe I removed them wrong, hmm…
    These are ADORABLE. Be sure to do them on a *flat*, untextured wall. I've never had a decal that didn't peel paint, texture or no, cool to hear these don't! This would be an awesome housewarming gift, no?

  6. I saw this concept and loved it!! However, I always thought they were a little pricey for what you get. Then, my husband got the idea of buying some smooth euca board and a can of black chalkboard paint and made a chalkboard for us (for reminders) and for the kids (for drawing) near our kitchen area. Total cost: about $35 and the entire wall near the kitchen is covered!

    Here's a pic (scroll down some):….

  7. Nice I love to use wall stickers for my children’s wall decor, just because they are easy to put up and more important when my boys change there mind I can take them down or change them to a diffent theme.
    Some sites I would suggest are. for older children and for younger children , Presto Chango or
    Of course there are 1000 of websites that sell wall decor to choose from so shop around.

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