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Comfy and CUTE maternity offerings from Etsy

It’s been a minute since we’ve given Etsy vendors some love.. which is funny, because I spend a solid part of every day scouring shop after shop. Since a lot of in-store maternity fashion can be troubling to say the least, Etsy is always an excellent alternative. Who knew you could find something like this vintage-inspired floral number from Hellcat Mama.

Vintage throwback-style maternity photos

I totally swooned over this series of vintage-inspired maternity photos Erica sent. Her photographer, Arkansas-based Devin Kuhl of DK Photoshoot definitely has a few wonderful tricks up his sleeve!

A DIY retro space-themed nursery for a GIRL

I chose “Spaceships and Robots” as the theme for my daughter’s nursery because I wanted to create a special environment that would inspire her to reach for the stars and “boldly go where no man has gone before,” so to speak. Oh yeah, and because I’m a giant NERD!

Kicking it old school in Brewer’s vintage pad

Brewer’s bedroom is a treasure trove of beautiful vintage furnishings, a vintage abacus and a playroom complete with a DIY’d chalkboard!

The most psychedelically blissed out nursery you’ve ever seen

HOLY MOLY. When Ariel forwarded me the photos of Cassandra’s wondrously psychedelic nursery, (which she found on SaucyDwellings) I just about swooned and died. One before the other, but still.

Retro space nursery

The first time I laid eyes on this nursery it brought back memories of my first trip to the Tomorrowland section of Disneyland. The sheer wonder of possibility laid out in impossibly futuristic colors and tableaus, what could be a better theme for a nursery?!