Retro space nursery

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Retro space nursery
The first time I laid eyes on this nursery it brought back memories of my first trip to the Tomorrowland section of Disneyland. The sheer wonder of possibility laid out in impossibly futuristic colors and tableaus, what could be a better theme for a nursery?!

illuminatedmama shared these photos in the Offbeat Flickr pool and we’ve been ogling them ever since.

Check out the rest of the this post for more pics (including more simply FABULOUS Tomorrowland posters!)

That little friendly bug rocker is so cute!
I lurve the colors of this nursery, this kid is going to have so much to look at!

Retro space nursery 3
Check out those collapsible storage containers mounted up on the wall! Futuristic and practical, j’adore!

Retro space nursery 4
That planet light is out of this world (Oh yes, I went there). I’m also in love with the Peoplemover poster.

Retro space nursery 5
Of course, no nursery would be complete without dolls! She calls them ugly, I say they just have a sense of humor 🙂

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  1. I love your nursery! I found it while searching for a couple of additional items for my son’s nursery, which is very similar to yours (even down to the wall color)! One thing that really caught my eye was the set of round collapsible baskets hung on the wall – what a cute idea! Would you mind sharing where you found the baskets?


    • Aren’t they the best! I got them in Downtown Disney in the main Disney shop. You choose your favorite old posters and then they print them for you on the spot. They had fantasyland posters, adventerland posters, etc….


  2. omg! i love the ugly dolls!! my son has one he lovingly calls “cheesy” (not sure why he named him that….i think he might of heard me say it was a “cheesy” doll but i love him anyway…) and yeah, the dolls are called “ugly dolls” or something alongs those lines. I think they’re adorable

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