Kicking it old school in Brewer’s vintage pad

Guest post by Evita Smith

Brewer's bed
Brewer and his father LOVE anything 'space' and replicated the solar system on the ceiling, using the light as their sun. Don't worry, they didn't forget pluto…it can be seen in the corner of the room!
I’ve been smitten with Brewer’s room since the first time his mom Candice posted it in Saucy Dwellings. She and her husband Lee have furnished it with beautiful vintage treasures that Candice has found around the city, and some well executed DIY projects.

Brewer sleeps in a beautiful iron bed. It replaced a vintage metal frame bed which Brewer slept in for over a year. But on his 4-year-old checkup it was discovered that he had HIGH levels of lead and he started stuttering at the same time. They made a decision to remove the bed from the room and with proper therapy and treatment protocol, Brewer’s levels went from 8 to 0 and his speech is greatly improved as well. They’re not fully sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but they aren’t taking any chances bringing the old bed back.

The bedroom features a small, doorless closet space perfect for hanging small clothes on a vintage store rack. Candice needed more storage space so she visited her favorite thrift stores and checked Craigslist every hour, on the hour for months. Finally, she decided to post in the ‘wanted’ section with sample pictures of her dream dresser.

As happenstance would have it, an ad was posted in the furniture section and it was THE ONE. She and Lee quickly arranged to see it in person the next day. The dresser and its matching mirror (from Broyhill’s Brasilia Collection) were loaded into the car destined to become the focal point of Brewer’s room! Candice felt the mirror paired with the dresser looked a tad too grown up for the room. It would however, make a GREAT floor mirror for Brewer.

See those cool WPA posters? Candice saw them mentioned on ohdeedoh and began scouring eBay for any finds. Below are the two she found.

Brewer's dresser
eBay search hint: 'wpa poster'

The vintage abacus may be my favorite piece in the room. That and the rug pictured below were gifts from his grandmother. Honestly, it would keep me occupied for hours and really makes me wish my parents would have boxed up and stored my old Fisher Price Play Family Farm!

Brewer playing
Brewer playing on his rug, which is a little more unique than the regular road way play rugs.

Brewer’s play room is a converted walk-in closet. The chalkboard was painted by Candice and the frame was made by her father. The cubbies and bins were purchased at Walmart and they added the wheels. Candice estimates the cost of the project was around $100.00. Money well spent for that kind of organization!

I really adore how Candice and Lee have displayed Brewer’s artwork in various formats throughout his room. All around, I’d say this is a pretty cool pad.

Closet playroom
Dressing mirror

I hope you’ve enjoyed touring Brewer’s room as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you! And Candice? Well … she’s a dreamer, a baker, an accomplished thrifter and reseller (my butt is parked all day in one of her fantastic finds!), and fabulous party organizer. You can read more about her family by visiting her blog, raggamuffindesign.

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  1. Yes. I want to convert the walk in closet in out nursery into a craft/play room, too. Kids don’t need that much closet space, but they could use some extra room to spread out.

  2. Love, love, love Brewer’s room!!! Candice always does such a wonderful job decorating on a tight budget! Her whole house is filled with amazing thrift finds that the average eye would never dream of using! Everytime I take a peek at her designs I am inspired!

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