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Stoner vs Smartphoner: Examining compulsions and finding they’re not what you’d think

After a month of tracking my addictive behaviors, it became clear that I had an compulsive habit. It just wasn’t pot… IT WAS MY FUCKING SMARTPHONE.

19 unbelievably cute cell phone covers that I need right meow!

It all started with that kitty cat, crossbody, cell phone cover. It’s amazing. It’s adorable. It’s unbelievable that it exists. And then I went down the rabbit hole of unbelievably cute cell phone covers.

Come on a shopping journey of the cell phone covers that are so cute you’ll want to eat, pet, and mostly buy them right meow…

How to get the most bang for your buck with your technology

My significant other and I live on one main income — mine, as a freelance writer. The number-one impediment to my budgeting experience has been technology. Here’s how I’ve learned to deal…

Stash emergency cash inside your phone case

I decided to print out a picture, trim it to size, and stick it between my phone and the clear plastic. But as I was trimming the paper, I had another thought: Emergency cash!

I don’t want to be “that guy”: My personal guidelines for smartphone use

Smartphone addiction is definitely a thing, and as a person who already struggles with turning off the internet, surely having a whole computer in my pocket would be like an alcoholic living above a bar. To make a long story short, I have a smartphone now. I went fearfully into the transition, kicking and screaming. A month in, I’ve found that by setting some ground rules for myself I’ve been able to moderate my behavior. Below are Alissa’s Personal Guidelines for Responsible Smartphone Use.

Where to store your always-in-use items in the rare moments they’re not in use

I have a few things that always seem to be in use, like my laptop, mobile phone, and a jug I use all the time. The sensible-to-me place for these things is wherever I am right now. Which is fine, except when people come over I don’t have anywhere to put them. What solutions do my Homies use to store these things that are “always” in use, without giving up valuable space for the odd times these things need put away?

Let’s talk about Android vs. Apple

I am an Apple user, but I’m sick of my iPhone. I use a MacbookPro for my personal computer, and am concerned that if I got an Android phone it would be a huge hassle to sync it with my laptop. Have any of you made the switch from iPhone to Android? How did it go, and do you think it was a good choice?

Life after ditching my smart phone

We were just like any other couple with smart phones: checked in on Facebook or Foursquare, had work emails set up so we looked at them way too often, shared funny photos and spent part of work surfing the internet. Then it all changed. We ditched our smart phones and have lived to tell the tale.