Stash emergency cash inside your phone case

Guest post by Alissa

stash emergency cash in your phone caseThe only case available for my new smartphone had a clear back. After a few days of looking through it at the utilitarian serial number on the back of my phone, I decided to print out a picture, trim it to size, and stick it between the phone and the clear plastic.

But as I was trimming the paper, I had another thought: Emergency cash! So I also stuck a twenty-dollar bill between in the case. I have no idea what I’ll use it for, but it’s nice to know it’s there just in case.

I wondered if this could cause the phone to overheat, but then I remembered that there are phone cases that are part wallet, cases made of leather, and even stickers you can print out to put on your phone… so I figured a piece of printer paper was probably okay. But if anyone can point me to case studies of phones catching paper on fire, let me know and I’ll take that $20 and spend it on ice cream instead.

Phones? Bras? Socks? Where do you stash YOUR emergency cash?

Comments on Stash emergency cash inside your phone case

  1. My only issue is that my phone is one of the first things I lose, in general. So in an emergency, that cash is probably not actually going to be available to me. But for those of you who don’t have a propensity to lose their stuff all over the place, this is probably a really good idea!

  2. My solution to clear case = boring phone back was to just put an awesome sticker right on the back of my phone. The case clips over phone and sticker beautifully, so I don’t have to worry about the sticker wearing off.
    And now I have Pinkie Pie making a hilarious face at me whenever I set my phone down face-down.
    If I wasn’t so in love with my current case solution, I would probably steal this idea.

  3. I’ve been doing this for almost a year, and I’ve used it twice already. It’s really a great habit to be in. Once at the grocery store when I didn’t realized I’d left my purse and keys locked in my car until I was ready to checkout with my groceries. Fortunately my phone was in my pocket (it often is) instead of my purse, so I was able to pay for the groceries, call my husband to bring my backup key, and sit down and eat my doughnuts while I waited instead of going through the humiliation of having all of my groceries re-shelved (it was humiliating enough without that).

    The second time, I just forgot my purse at home when I was heading into town. But since I often listen to audiobooks off my phone while I’m driving, I did have my phone with me, and was able to go about my day of hanging out with my mother without too much inconvenience. I’m not a generally forgetful person, but I’m less likely to forget my phone than other things since I have a long drive into the nearest town and listen to lots of audiobooks in the car. If I’ve forgotten my purse, I may not realize it until I get to my destination. If I’ve forgotten my phone, I realize it as soon as I get in my car and go to plug my phone into the car stereo.

    I typically use my debit card for most things and only keep a small amount of cash in my purse. If I’ve just used up the last of my wallet cash and suddenly am faced with girl scouts selling cookies, it’s nice to know I always have at least $40 in cash in my phone case that isn’t part of my typical spending money, so I’m never totally cashless.

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