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If I don’t know you, I won’t talk to you: why I have a cruel blacklisting app on my phone

While attending a small film festival a few years ago, I made the mistake of texting my vote for the festival’s best film. Within a couple days, my phone number had been sold to marketers and I started receiving a ton of text spams.

This made me very angry. I was already dealing with telemarketers calling my mobile, trying to sell me mortgage refinancing and carpet cleaning, and now I had to deal with shitty text spamming too? It started getting to the point where half the time my phone made a noise, it was a voicemail from a telemarketer or a text spam.

Amplify your tunes wirelessly with the power of SCIENCE

You’re bored and you want tunes, but you don’t want to crank the speakers in the living room/you don’t have space to use your laptop/you’re afraid you’ll spill on it. You’re stuck listening to headphones which can be inconvenient or doing without entirely, right? Nah.

Use this phone wallpaper hack to make sure your phone comes back if it gets lost

Today’s great idea came from my best friend, Erik, on how to keep my best electronic friend from disappearing forever.

Turn your iPhone into a working retro telephone

So this thing not only looks cool, but it’s also a charging base For iPhones or iPods, AND turns your iPhone into a larger vintage-style telephone with one button pick-up/hang-up. Plus it can also work as a landline phone.

Charging gadgets without the snake-pits: DIY charging stations

Are you with me in the loathing of the tangle of cords that makes up the contemporary charging station? Let’s doodle together and see some sweet-ass DIY options for how you can make a charging station that doesn’t look like a pit of cord snakes tangled into blood-thirsty coils, waiting to strike when you reach for your smartphone.

Use a window to solar charge your USB gadgets

Got a window in your office? In the airport? In a foreign country? These little solar-powered stickies may be what you need to keep your USB gadgets up and running.

Combine your iPhone and your wallet

Everywhere I go I bring my cell phone and the cigarette case that I use as a wallet. Which means I always need to bring a purse because two bulky items in my pockets ain’t working for me. Homies, I have found the perfect solution.

Hack junkmail, take power naps, and ring doorbells: there’s an app for that

If you have a smartphone, do you use any apps for your home? I’ve loved the new Reminders feature iPhones got with the last major update — I have it set to remind me every day through April 20 to turn my grow lights on and off in my makeshift nursery.

Here are three apps you can use to make household life easier: one zaps junk mail, one programs power naps, and one is a magical doorbell.