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How to host an outdoor movie party — treat the neighborhood to a showing of The Brave Little Toaster

What could be better on a summer night than your yard, some friends, and a good movie? Here’s how to plan an outdoor film screening of your very own; it’s easier than you might think. This could also be a fun and low-cost kids’ birthday party or family event.

Welcome to Fluffytown: how we threw a surprise blanket fort birthday party

Recently my friend Jewels threw her husband a birthday party inside a gigantic blanket fort. Yes! We made Fluffytown in an apartment!

How I survived The Castle — a party house with eight other roommates

Our house was so well-known that I was once informed of my own party by strangers. You can bet I have ideas about surviving a party house.

A nighttime garden gathering — low-key party voyeurism

Let’s have an evening garden party, yeah? Simon did, and is good enough to let us come along.

Reader photos: Godzilla handkerchiefs and wrangling Icelandic birds

Come inside! See fairy tale houses, read about interesting interviews in the Clicky Links, and just be a cooler human being for it.

Steal this party idea: sippy-cup cocktail party

In a harried moment the other day, I picked up one of my son’s sippy cups and took a chug of water. It was one of these cheap weiner dog sippies from Ikea, and as I was drinking from it I realized … I really LIKE how this feels in my hand. Then I realized I’d like it with a cocktail in it.

An essential first aid kit for accidental parties

You’ll know you need a first aid kit when you see what Arlette’s got in hers.

Theme parties aren’t just for kiddies

If you haven’t thrown a theme party since you were eight, you’re overdue. Use these guidelines and ideas to get going on imaginative grown-up themed throwdowns.