Steal this party idea: sippy-cup cocktail party

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In a harried moment the other day, I picked up one of my son’s sippy cups and took a chug of water. It was one of these cheap weiner dog sippies from Ikea, and as I was drinking from it I realized … I really LIKE this cup.

The tumbler itself is a great shape, smooth and comfortable in my hand. Furthermore, it’s the perfect size for a smart little sip — around 6oz. I realized, I wanted to drink out of it more often.

Then I realized I’d like it with a cocktail in it.

My birthday party was fun kind of a personal catastrophe, so I’m not allowed to throw a party until our annual anniversary campout. BUT. You’re not on a party moritorium, so you’re allowed to throw this party for me; SIPPY-CUP COCKTAIL HOUR.

I feel like this party has legs for both parents AND non-parents. Of course those of us with kids are like “HA HA SIPPY CUP!” but sippy cups have an odd appeal for all. So … imminently sippable. Cocktails go down so easy!

(Safety tip for parents who may be throwing this party: make sure sippy cups are emptied and washed before the kids come home from the babysitter’s. We don’t need another Applebee’s incident.)

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  1. Haha! This is a great idea! My mom used to go to a bar in town every Monday for the blues jam and for 3-4 weeks in a row she kept breaking at least one glass a night, so the bartender bought a sippy cup for her. For the next several years she would happily drink her Jack & water out of that sippy cup on Monday nights.

    • Ha, me and my roommates used to do this! The rule was, if someone spilled something more than once, they were required to drink all of their booze out of a sippy cup!

  2. I had a Finding Nemo cup that I got at a disney waterpark, (when you returned your locker key you could have your deposit back… or a Nemo cup!!)

    This Nemo cup (complete with one of those angled hole sippy lids) was used that very night for drinking wine in the hotel (much better than the plastic bathroom disposable cups)and continued to be used ever since!

    AND as we don’t have the same, no open containers of alcohol in a car law in England (its only the driver that’s not allowed to be drinking) it became the perfect car wine drinking cup as there was no chance I could spill my wine on the way to a gig, festival or picnic 🙂

    • I have a Finding Nemo one, too! Someone got it for me as a gag gift in college (I have a thing for Dori) and it’s what I used to use to “pre-game” back in college before going out. And now, it will get reused (albeit clean) for my son!

  3. Sweet. I bought a few “sip-a-mugs” at the grocery store years ago for BYO cup parties–the handle is a sipping straw! I still use them occasionally. 😉
    Plus they are cool if friends with kids come over.

  4. Wow, I thought I was going to have to keep this a secret forever, but I totally love drinking out of a sippy cup. I can drink laying down (LAZY ASS) and while walking without spilling. I have since switched to the alternative, a water bottle with a flip straw, which is basically just an adult sippy cup.


  5. I have a medical condition that sometimes makes my hands shake or get very weak, so I often spill drinks or drop cups. As a joke, my mother got my a sippy cup once, and I soon realized it was actually pretty useful. I started carrying it in my backpack when I go on trips or visit friends so that I don’t accidentally break other people’s glassware. It’s really pretty fun actually. And in a glittery bright purple, it’s definitely more stylish than anyone else’s water bottles. 😀

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