A nighttime garden gathering — low-key party voyeurism

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Simon had a nighttime garden party, and is good enough to let us come along. Take a few minutes and think about your awesome time with friends this weekend while you have a voyeuristic party.
Emerald lawn chocolate sky.Yellow cube

Glass screens and silhouette Karl Blue Speaker Thanks Karl!

Want to see even more and pretend you were there? Check out the full set on Flickr.

Comments on A nighttime garden gathering — low-key party voyeurism

  1. I want to know where this party took place. Where does it get cold enough in the summer for flannel blankets and hoodies? I live in Texas, and it doesn’t get below 80 before midnight in the summer.

  2. My aunt used to set something like this up in her front yard. Her neighbor killed a huge tree of hers and we honored it with giant tent parties around it’s trunk. We had another party when we realized it’s partner tree was reaching towards another tree at the other neighbors yard so it wasn’t lonely anymore.

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