Kyle kicked our decorations up a notch this year.I put out the call for our Homies to send us their holiday decorations. Damnit, I want to see how y’all offbeat the holidays. And WOW did I get some amazing peeks into your homes.

Besides this amazing sideways Christmas tree, created by Homie Xaotica’s roommate Kyle, we’ve got alien-head tree-toppers, Mid-century modern Christmanukkah decor, beer ornaments, and a Christmas tree that’s upside down!

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 2.08.00 PMHere’s what my front door and living room looks like. I go for the “Maui Christmas” look with a color scheme of blues, greens, and silvers. Our wreath of balls is held up by a man-eating shark, our tree is covered in mostly sea creature ornaments (no merman in sight, though) and topped with a Yoda star.

Mazhira tweeted at @offbeathome with this photo of her menorah by the Christmas tree. I LOVE dual celebration households.

Another Twitter submission came to us from T’Rina (of skull bathroom fame). Photos of her tree named “Frank L Treemiser,” handmade goth decor, bats, cats, skulls, and moons — with a spider on top (a black metal halloween decoration she altered).

My friend Ashleigh made this gingerbread mobile home that looks as funky as it does delicious.

Photo by Emiliano Rodriguez and Juan Pablo Mansilla.
Speaking of mobile homes… my friends have been traveling around the world in their Dodge camper van named Peggy. So, of course, they decorated their living space for the holidays.

PC099813Homie Colleen describes her holiday decor as “Mid-century Christmanukkah.” Those bowls are a condiment set that she found at a local vintage store.

PC099824Sometimes offbeat holidays means that your menorah only has seven candles. Colleen explains: “Yes, I know there are only seven candles in this menorah… a couple of the holders went missing at some point.”

Dalek OrnamentI love Homie Cynthia’s Dalek ornament!

Check out Offbeat Families’ Stephanie’s Christmas tree with her awesome tree topper. Stephanie explained, “This has been our tree topper since we got at the UFO Museum Roswell in 2008. Our dog Kali has tried to chew it up a zillion times, but it lives on!”

Tree topperI love creative tree toppers like this one from Homie Laura who explained, “We didn’t have a tree topper so I improvised!”

imageThe Empire’s copyeditor Caroline has some rocking purple holiday decor. The “table runner” in the middle picture is actually gift wrap!

Het tuig tuigt opMirre uploaded this ADORABLE picture of their tree decorating time in the Netherlands.

photoSpeaking of tree decorating, here’s Seth, who just moved to Seattle had ZERO ornaments and wanted something festive and regional. And thus the Rainier beer Christmas tree was born! Cheers to that, Seth.

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 8.11.37 AMHomie, StellarP added some holiday decor pics to our Flickr pool, including the so-called “Half-Assed Table Arrangement” which was created by untangling a strand of lights and realizing “I liked the way it looked where it was.” And an iron shooting star sculpture by Lorelei Sims getting fancy with vintage ornaments for the holidays.

Holday WindowHomie Brittany Rae has an amazing holiday window moment. As she explains, “Our simple holiday window with some ornaments left over from my holiday-themed photo set, an advent star from Amazon and some fur rugs from Ikea.”

Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 8.37.53 AMHere’s another window moment from James and Amanda with an unconventional tree. They explain, “While the decor is all Australian, the view is Canadian! We just moved into a new apartment with a new baby and didn’t have time to decorate a tree. Instead, we used this old photo tree and hung our ornaments on it. Works great and even livens up the view of our apartment from outside!”

100_1212From unconventional trees to unconventional tree placement — check out Homie Margaret’s upside down tree! She says, “We hung our 6.5′ Christmas tree upside down on a hook on our ceiling next to the vintage Fender amp with our Christmas village!”

Thanks to everyone who submitted a peek into their homes this year: from the photos featured in this posts, or maybe you submitted photos to our Flickr pool, or perhaps you went the extra mile and submitted guest posts to us. I hope all of our wonderful Homies have merry, happy, fan-fucking-tastic holidays!

Comments on Homie holiday decor: A peek into your homes

  1. He he I love Seth’s tree, my mom’s family name is Miller. In the late 60s, early 70s, my grandma had 3 teenage boys and two 20+ ft evergreens in the front yard and Miller beer use to put out holiday cans in red and green to go with the regular gold ones.
    Every year for about 6 years my uncles saved 100s of the cans, put small holes in them and hung them with twine so that they twisted in the wind.

  2. Our tree stays up all year round, and we decorate it for every major event or celebration. Last month it was a Pride tree, before that it was done up for Halloween. It’s a birthday tree whenever we have a birthday. We decorated it for the latest Magic the Gathering release and lots of other little events. Currently it’s covered in tinsel and baubles, but also with superhero and pokemon plushies.

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