Homie holiday decor: A peek into your homes

I put out the call for our Homies to send us their holiday decorations. Damnit, I want to see how y'all offbeat the holidays. And WOW did I get some amazing peeks into your homes. We've got alien-head tree-toppers, Mid-century Christmanukkah decor, beer ornaments, and trees that are both sideways AND upside down!


DIY glittery Death Star holiday tree topper

This year, my fiance and I welcomed our very first full-size Christmas tree into our lives! I took advantage of the opportunity to craft this Death Star tree topper. AND IT WAS SO EASY. And now you can do the same thing, if you want!


Dinosaurs, octopodes, and microbes: offbeat ornaments for your Christmas, Solstice, or Whatever Tree

I'm as agnostic as they come, but I still love our winter tree. It brings a little light to the darkest time of the year and yes: it's also got little baubles of ridiculousness on it. And I do mean RIDICULOUS. I love a little weirdness on the ol' tree!

Assuming I'm not the only one whose tastes in ornaments run towards the questionable, who wants to paw over some weird baubles with me? I went prodding around the wilds of the internet looking for the retro, the ridiculous, the nerdy, and the fabulous. Who's in?