Retro space nursery turned big kid’s room for two

Guest post by Leah Lossner

Remember the Retro Space Nursery we featured in 2009? Well, Leah’s two boys have grown significantly (one’s a toddler, and the other is in preschool), and the room was due for an upgrade!


When we decided to move the boys into a larger space that could accommodate them both we took the opportunity to adjust the design to better suit two big kids. Because I had put so much into the original design (time and money) I was reluctant to start from scratch.

We had a blank slate of a room to work with. The room had been used as a storage space and had no carpet, no windows and shop style lighting. We purchased new bedding but beyond that we saved our budget for the necessities of lighting, flooring and ventilation that was required in converting our space to a bedroom.


Nate insisted that we paint the walls red, so the whole color palatte shifted to much darker than before. We worked hard to create a space for the boys that would help to foster their independence by putting toys on shelves that they can reach themselves and converting some built in cabinets into closets that they can manage on their own.


We divided the room into sections and provided each child a place to put their things that they don’t have to share. By including our preschooler in the process we avoided a lot of the challenges that can come with so much change. He adjusted perfectly to the new room and his little brother just moved in too!


Here’s the full slideshow:

Comments on Retro space nursery turned big kid’s room for two

  1. This is great! Just curious, what are the dimensions of the room? Also, are the red cabinets lining one wall built-ins, or did you buy them? I couldn’t get a good look at those. This is neat, and I am glad your boys have a nice sleep and play room!

    • Thanks! Yes the cabinets are built ins. They were pretty ugly and had super dated hardware before we painted them and changed the knobs. The bottom cabinets we converted to little closets that the boys can reach themselves. I don’t remember the dimensions of the room but it is something like “big x super long” It was bigger than we realized once we got going and had to go back and buy more paint.

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