Matteo’s magical “Where the Wild Things Are”-themed nursery

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This Where the Wild Things Are-themed nursery is definitely PIMPED OUT — Matteo is one hella lucky baby. I’ve never fallen so hard and fast for a themed nursery in my life! Everything from the hand-painted walls (just WAIT until you see the detail!) to the absolutely adorable little touches are perfect.

Welcome to the Rumpus Room

The quilt draped over the crib was made by a family friend, and has the entire book laid out as the squares. WHAAAAT.

Another corner

The frames came from Michael’s and the couple painted them — she copied the leaf pages from the beginning and end of the book and decoupaged them onto the edges. Genius!

The blanket was a gift from a long-lost college friend who had no idea of the theme of the nursery and it just happened to match the Wild Thing’s “sweater” perfectly!

There wasn’t a lot of space for books, so they purchased three milk-crates from Michael’s ($12 each) and stained them with a leftover wood stain. A hammer and a few nails, some overflow toys, and voila!

A children’s librarian friend designed the mural, and friends helped bring it to fruition on the walls of Moishe’s room.


The room is closet-less, so they substituted a huge frame from an Ikea mirror that broke in a previous move, painted it yellow, and wove ribbon to make a unique place to hang sweaters, jackets, hats, and other fun stuff.
Crafty display

How adorable are these crocheted Chucks?! Aww.
Knitted Chucks


See the moon on the wall? This is my favorite night-light ever. Don’t be surprised if you see it again soon.

Comments on Matteo’s magical “Where the Wild Things Are”-themed nursery

  1. OMG, I think I just wet myself.
    How awesome is this :D!

    I’d almost tell my partner to have a kid with me just to have an excuse to decorate a room like this ^_^

  2. wow wow wow
    BEST ROOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is ultimately my favourite children’s book EVER!
    I want to decorate my study/den/sewing room like this, just for me!

    • the framed “wild rumpus” poster was hand-painted by me. (though i fully admit to copying it from an etsy seller who screenprinted a similar one).

  3. Oh man, I’m going to be totally nitpicky, but I can’t stop myself … those are crocheted chucks, not knit. Sorry! >.<

    (I am in awe of the nursery though)

  4. Considering that my youngest son has 4 paintings from WTWTA hanging in his room that I painted for him, I’d say this nursery is amazing! Love it!

  5. Oh my god, I love your nursery!! My partner and I are planning to start a family soon and I’m so into the idea of a Where The Wild Things are nursery. I think I want to do the walls as the scene of Max sailing over the ocean, or in the forest.

  6. Greatness, I did the exact same thing a couple years ago and used that same Moon! I thought you’d like to know about one update that makes it 100x better… Get top of the line glow in the dark paint and cover the ceiling and walls with stars, of course painting only on the sky – it leaves an outline of the trees that makes the room better at night than in the day. Check out my version here:

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