Nerdalicious entertainment center

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Long time Homie Juniper Zombie shared with me what she calls her “husband’s pride and joy” — the nerdy entertainment center moment featuring retro gaming, Ghostbusters and Transformers all in one area.

Yes, this entertainment center area is actually made up of SEVERAL different moments, so I begged Juniper Zombie to take more pics so that we could ogle all the things. The most adorable part? When she told her husband we were into seeing more of his pride and joy, he said, “I have to add more to the empty spots!” And he did: check out all his nerdtastic entertainment center sections…

Nerdalicious entertainment center

The top is my favorite part, complete with Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figure. NO living room is complete without one.

The shelves on this entertainment center are PERFECT for displaying Transformers action figures. It’s like they were made for each other.

Admit it: this gaming section just gave all you retro gamers a giant nerd boner, didn’t it?

In fact, this whole entertainment system moment gave ME a giant nerd boner. Can I say giant nerd boner one more time? Giant nerd boner.

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    • Yes they are in shadow boxes. We just so happen to get coupons and a sweet ass discount at micheals for them. $20 each compared to $60 each.

  1. … thanks to my nerd boner, now I have to change nerd pants… >.> <.<
    But for srs, this is really cool. I'd love to show it off to everyone and be like "come play with me in my unit of aweseome"

  2. I don’t know about y’all, but I just got a GIANT nerd boner. The entire top of our entertainment center is filled with Batman paraphernalia. I love it.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Shadow Boxes. What a fantastic idea that I had never considered before. I’ve been specifically interested in figure display for some time, as I have a lot of figures out but the really expensive and rare ones I have boxed away just from lack of adequate protection to display. The second worst part about it is my lack of design taste! I mean, I’m ok, but I want something that really pops. OBB Writers, more posts like this would be FANTASTIC

  4. This is super awesome, but I am cringing at the 360 sitting on its side! Get that bad boy flat, and this will officially be the best entertainment station ever!

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