Monday Moment: “Happy haunted Halloween!” decorative shelf

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Hey Homies! Welcome to Halloween half-week on Offbeat Home! We’re going to be bringing you all things ghost-y, monster-y, spooky and… zombie!

That’s why I was STOKED to see that Alexandrea (aka WhistleFishy) uploaded her decorative Halloween dining room shelf moment into our Flickr pool.

Check out all the black, white, and orange amazingness that is happening here! That adorable white owl on an overturned orange pot… that vase filled with autumnal goodness… what are those weird monster-things on the far right? No idea, but they WORK. Hell, even the cactus is getting in on the color scheme! Plus there’s an awesome tiny chalkboard to write your Happy Halloween message on. And when Halloween is over, this can easily transition into a Happy Thanksgiving moment.

Comments on Monday Moment: “Happy haunted Halloween!” decorative shelf

  1. So cute, I love the old fashioned traditional looking halloween stuff (although always end up going more gorey myself)
    Jen – we’re also in Hurricane mode and I had to take down all my outdoor decorations 🙁

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