Mid-century design meets geek artist Steve Thomas

Guest post by Julie F.

Images used by permission of Steve Thomas.
Images used by permission of Steve Thomas.

A few years ago, I discovered a talented artist on Redbubble.com. I immediately fell in love with his Rivendell posts card, and more recently, with his Star Wars collection.

The artist Steve Thomas got spot on two things I love above all:

1. Early/mid-century design
2. Geek stuff.

I’m talking Tolkien-themed posters, Fallout-style propaganda, vintage-style sci-fi travelling ads… It’s like Christmas, but only better.

Check out a few more of my favorites…

Check out his website for more amazing prints. (P.S.: He’s also available for commissions!)

Comments on Mid-century design meets geek artist Steve Thomas

  1. Oh, I like this! Already checked out the website where I can get me some of these beauties!

  2. Ooh, I mega like. The only question is… which of his prints should I order first?

  3. I’m moving soon and will be decorating my entire living room around the Shire print! I’d love to see what others have done with their Steve Thomas poster as well 🙂

  4. His prints look a lot like this Skyrim fake vacation poster I saw a while back…I always wanted to buy it for my bf. Does anyone know if this is the same artist? I didn’t see it on his site. Love the Rivendell one!

  5. This is the guy responsible for so many of the awesome posters available on Think Geek! I recognize some of the posters. How awesome.

    I wonder if there’s anything that would complement our Firefly/Serenity travel posters…

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