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Home & Life’s Managing Editor, Megan, is deficient in the cooking departing. So our readers like to help her out by providing recipes that are SO easy to make, even MEGAN could pull them off… “megan-simple.”

What are your favorite easy-to-throw-together meals in a bowl?

A couple months ago, I was gifted this book. It’s basically a collection of easy-to-throw-together breakfast bowl recipes. So my question for you guys is this… What are your favorite STUPID-EASY to throw together meal in a bowl? (That doesn’t require making your own yogurt, or having some rare healthy grain?)

Make this simple crispy Greek-style pie in less than an hour

I love my recipe for Greek-style pie because it’s quick (less than an hour in total), easy, relatively mess-free and easy to scale up or down for different numbers of people. Here’s my simple crispy Greek-style pie recipe!

A week’s worth of Megan-simple chicken and rice dishes with different flavors to satisfy picky eaters

I am a picky person… I don’t like to eat the same meal more than once a week. I need meals for only one person. I don’t like to cook unless I can be eating in 20 minutes or less (preferably much less). But there is hope! I have made a huge (well, to my non-chef-self anyway) list of recipes that help satisfy all of these things. As an added benefit, most of these can be considered at least somewhat healthy and very Megan-simple

The Megan-simple “waffled egg melt” recipe

Pair my slightly-improved-but-not-great cooking skills with my boyfriend’s also barely-existent cooking skills, then add my enthusiasm for our waffle maker, and this is what Megan-simple cooking has become… The “waffled egg melt.” It’s basically a waffled scrambled egg sandwich.

Yummy, easy, and practically dish-free Greek chicken recipe

My favorite thing about this easy greek chicken recipe, is, if I eyeball everything, use zip lock bags and foil, it’s virtually dirty dish-free.

Megan-simple four-ingredient parmesan-crusted chicken

This is my favorite lazy, parmesan crusted chicken recipe. It only has four ingredients, including the chicken, that perhaps already have in your kitchen right now! It’s baked but crispy, a little cheesy, and it’s virtually impossible to over-cook the chicken and make it dry. Are you ready?

Lemons helped me go from meh to Megan-simple

We all know I can’t cook. But I’m getting better. The biggest thing that changed how I eat is actually a small thing: lemons!

Megan-simple, no-bake cheesecake that’ll make you say “oh my!”

This recipe was what my mom used for our birthday cakes growing up instead of regular cake, because that’s exactly what we’d ask for. It’s a special occasion dessert, so we don’t have it very often, but when we do… Oh my!