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Home & Life’s Managing Editor, Megan, is deficient in the cooking departing. So our readers like to help her out by providing recipes that are SO easy to make, even MEGAN could pull them off… “megan-simple.”

Long-roasting but super-easy chicken recipe

Roast chicken can be intimidating to less-experienced cooks, but it’s SO FRIGGIN’ EASY and tastes SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD.

This recipe is so easy, even Megan can do it.

Megan-simple recipe: Guacamole + baked chips

Here’s an easy chips and guacamole recipe so simple even cooking-challenge editor Megan can do it. Eat and be amazed at its simple-deliciousness.

Salmon and salsa: a Megan-simple recipe

I hate cooking, but even I love making this simple meal: fish with a side! It’s even a real meal!

Offbeat Home Food Challenge: Recipes for Day 6

Megan isn’t the only one whose week has been enlightening — I’ve learned things, too! And with these lessons tucked into my belt, I we set upon Day 6 of the challenge with VIGOR!

Day 5’s recipes for the Offbeat Home Food Challenge

So far this week you've had yummy goat cheese and pear bagels, the quiche from hell, and some food experiences in between. Today, we'll revisit some of the ingredients and techniques you've learned and apply them in new ways.

Day 4 recipes: oven-baked macaroni and cheese

We prepare for Day 4 with some comfort foods: french toast for breakfast, a sweet fruity snack, and a creamy baked mac and cheese to take us into the night.