Monday Moment: the bright green piano version

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Refinished green Piano

Holy crap, check out former Offbeat Bride, current Offbeat Mama (of Death Star preggo belly fame), and seriously crafty Homie Siouxzi Donnelly’s refinished bright-as-fuck green piano in the living room! Siouxzi tells more about this awesome piano:

After sitting for 15 years in storage I finally moved into a home where I could have my piano, but the body was in such horrible condition it needed a serious refinishing. After a lot of consideration and research, I decided not to just refinish it but to paint it. To those who wonder if this will affect the sound: I don’t recommend doing this if you’re a purist — but this piano wasn’t in perfect condition to begin with. It’s not got a bad sound: it’s pleasant enough for casual play and it is lovingly enjoyed by all who visit.

More than just the gorgeous, eye-catching upright piano, I love this whole living room set up…

I love the way the green plays off the colors in the vintage poster framed above, the funky blue couch, and the color-blocked rug anchoring the whole scene. Love it love it love it!

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    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m planning on putting together a tutorial on how I did this here in the next week. I can quickly tell you this is a console piano, so the smallest size piano you can get. It took me 1 quart of primer and a bit less than 2 quarts of paint. I say it that way because I started with a quart, realized I needed more bought the second and made a slight adjustment to my process. There was a lot of time taking the piano apart – surprisingly easy! And sanding it down – free upper body workout that the shake weight’s got nothing on!

      I’ll share my write up with Offbeat Home as soon as I’ve got it put together.

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