Adopting the son I helped to conceive: how second-parent adoption reframes parenthood

The second-parent adoption has been an ongoing reminder that I need to reframe my ideas of motherhood for myself. Through this entire journey of conception to adoption I have been tested on my ability to bring myself out of melancholy thoughts and into recognition of everything I have to be grateful for. Just because I have always identified as a mother in one way, doesn't mean I cannot be as much of a mother in different way.

How my son's teething reminds me of his birth

The poor little guy was in agony and couldn't quite figure out what in the world was happening inside his mouth. My heart broke a little as his eyes pleaded with me to fix it Mama. So I scooped him up in my arms and spent much of the day rocking him and stroking his head. As I rocked him I thought back to the day he was born — it was the greatest and scariest day of my life.


I'm about to become a lesbian mother: any books or websites I should be reading?

As the non-bio mom, I am super excited, and know that I have a huge and important part in this — but I don't know where to start looking for resources! I've been scouring the web for blogs, articles, and other resources for non-bio moms. Many of the blogs I've found are out of date and/or no longer being updated. The articles I'm finding don't quite fit our situation. I can't find any sort of pregnancy journal for the non-bio parent that isn't for a dad.

One super sweet monster/ugly doll/rainbow-themed kid's birthday party

Eryn and Laurie recently shared photos from their daughter Izzie's birthday that I am SO IN LOVE WITH. They've nicknamed their kiddo "Izzie Monster" and felt like a monster party would be the only way to really celebrate. Between the ball pit (kiddo pool + balls = instant kid fun) and coloring wall I think they most definitely did that.