From a salsa jar conception to the hospital birth we wanted

Three months before the baby was due, my partner Patty and I took the birth class. I'm so glad we took the class together — the yoga teacher taught us a lot about exercises we could do during labor, breathing to help through the contractions, the benefits of avoiding interventions, and how a labor doula could really support our decisions to have the birth we wanted.


How we used a salsa jar to get pregnant

We always knew we wanted to have a baby, but having two sets of ovaries doesn't really help with that. Patty's best friend has always talked about helping her conceive by donating sperm, but Patty didn't want to carry the baby herself. I, on the other hand, was happy to get pregnant. We did consider adoption, and I in fact always thought that would be the way I'd have a child, but since we had a willing known donor… we figured we should at least give conceiving a biological child a shot!

We Are The Face of Equality: a project created for and by LGBT families

A few weeks ago we were introduced to a really cool project called We Are the Face of Equality. The video-based project was started by Stephanie, a twenty-five-year-old lesbian in Indiana. Her goal is to collect videos and photos of LGBT people around the world and compile them into one slideshow and/or book. I asked her a few questions about the project, so get ready to read those and find out how you can participate.