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What are your tea storage tricks to avoid the tea package avalanche?

Greetings Homies, I need your help. I love tea. Bagged, loose, iced and got but my cabinet looks like this. What a mess! And it topples everywhere anytime I need my fix. How do you store your tea in a fun and practical way that isn’t a hodge lodge of boxes, bags and allergy meds?

How we DIYed our IKEA kitchen remodel

While we hired contractors for the Serious Business projects like structural and electrical work, we decided to tackle updating the kitchen cabinets ourselves. We chose Ikea cabinets as they were generally agreed to be the best quality for the price and we wanted to keep this a budget kitchen wherever possible. Here’s how we pulled it all off…

Turn your boring white rental kitchen into a colorful fiesta

Offbeat Homie Kayla uploaded these photos to our Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool. Unhappy with a boring white rental kitchen, Kayla rounded up a whole bunch of colorful kitchen goodies, and turned her boring rental into an colorsplotion fiesta of kick-ass kitchen-ery.

Spruce up the outside of your kitchen cabinets with contact paper

Homie Cj Ahrens uploaded these photos of their kitchen cabinet DIY. Check out the before and after…

The Final Fantasy kitchen swords are the ultimate weapons for every chef

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, or if you’ve ever imagined chopping lettuce with sword like a bad-ass mo-fo, or if you just love watching people be crafty as fuck, then you’ll LOVE this video…

Going old school with my recipe book boosted my cooking confidence

What do I do with new recipes that I dig and want to save for later? At first there were just a few, printed out or ripped from a magazine, and shoved unceremoniously beside the cook books. But I became bolder, and the stack became less practical. Then I had a basket-free “baskets!” moment.

The top 5 myths about my refrigerator that I totally believe are true

My mother’s fridge was SPOTLESS when I was growing up. BOTH of them! (She kept an older one in the garage that she only turned on when entertaining.) My stepmother’s is spotless too, as are my aunts’. Mine is not spotless. You just don’t want to admit you’re having a problem in this area and yet I marvel at their abilities. Instead of having a spotless fridge, I just cling to these five myths that I believe are true about my refrigerator…

My relationship and my pantry: why I don't need nicely-labelled canisters

My relationship vs. my pantry: why I don’t need nicely-labelled canisters

In shopping for the new place, I remember what I left behind at my ex’s: the pretty swing-top jars and canisters with colourful, perfectly co-ordinated labels, on which I used my best handwriting to label the coffee, macaroni, etc. They sat on the pantry shelf, a Pinterest pin waiting to happen. I was meticulous — borderline obsessed — with putting every package of food that came into our home into a pretty jar with a nice label.