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The Royal Tenenbaums meet Amelie in a colorful, book-filled New York apartment

Summer, Graham, Gus and Kingsley all live together in a brightly-colored Brooklyn apartment filled with art, ephemera and intriguing artifacts.

Animal House kitchen gadgets for the not-so-serious chef

I hate cooking and I hate doing any kind of kitchen activities what-so-ever. So when I found the adorable Animal House kitchen gagets, I found the perfect way to make my time in the kitchen suck less, like, WAY less.

Using Permaculture to utilize vertical space in a straw bale cabin’s small kitchen

Sarah and Tyler built a teeny tiny straw bale cabin — only 450 square feet. By working with intent in mind, the space looks big, airy, and very utilitarian. What can we learn from their kitchen’s vertical planning?

Steampunk wonderama in a Massachusetts Victorian/arts and crafts home

Traipse through the Rosenbaum’s New England home and wonder at the ingenuity of their thoroughly steampunked Victorian. If you’ve NEVER dreamed of a steampunk house, this is your post.

Plus — the BEST way to hang a TV. Ever.

Monday Montage: erotic art and all-concrete bathrooms

This week I went 50s-house crazy to find a lovely blue bathroom and a crazy rodeo decorative tile. However, the real finds were from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool: how’s about a boobie painting and a clock so big it might take over its tiny flat?

A scary-easy kitchen update in five fast steps

These scary-easy suggestions will help you give your kitchen a facelift. Whether you don’t have the time or money for a full-on kitchen reno — or you just don’t need one — everyone likes a fresh view.