Make your rain gutters more exciting by harnessing the power of barfing dragons

Updated Oct 12 2015

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 7.25.30 PMYou know what your gutter needs? A fucking dragon barfing water at the bottom of it! Yup, dragon rainspout statues are a thing. So are rain gutter crocodiles, and gargoyles. But I'm more of a dragon girl myself.

This one is my favorite:

Look how the wings wrap around and under the spout! So cute!
Look how the wings wrap around and under the spout! So cute!

This would actually make me LOVE living in places that rain all the time. Water breathing dragons guarding my house? Yes, please.

    • Especially if you use it in with the rainbow shower heads featured a while back. Think of the magical rainbow dragon barf shower!!!!

      • "Magical rainbow dragon barf shower!!!!" sounds like it should be the name of some awesome saturday morning cartoon show.

    • I'm sorry, but HOLY AWESOME.
      So far, I've spotted the yeti, some rather adorable hobgoblins, a life casted naked lady, some motherloving dinosaurs, Easter Island heads and just about any zoo animal you've always wished was living in your yard. This is the most bestest site, ever.

  1. These are just too great! I luff it.
    They remind me of Notre Dame in Paris, with all those unique gargoyle rainspouts.

  2. Goddamnit, why do I (a) live in an apartment and (b) have only one family member with a house, who does not share my love obsession (let's call it what it is, okay) with dragons?

    Actually, you know what? I had a friend who collected cow creamers — you know, the ones where the milk comes out of the cow's mouth. But omg, if there are dragon creamers, I would be ALL OVER THAT SHIT. (Srsly, tho, why are anatomically incorrect cow creamers such a thing?)

  3. Oh, I want one for our new house/garden but the uk doesn't seem to have them – why does and you guys have all the fun stuff?

  4. Very, very cool! I love dragons and having one of these around my house makes me really happy! It's a cool and creative way to divert the rain water away from the house, so it doesn't damage the foundations of the house, which is very practical. All you need to do is clean these up twice a year, and they will provide you with years of safety. Some people even collect the rain water in special tanks which they bury under the ground. This way you both protect your home from the water and get water for your garden.

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