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Halloween doesn’t have to be about October… for those of us who are goth, it’s a year-round vibe.

What are your Halloween costumes this year?

Last Halloween, I was finally able to unveil my costume that took me all year to put together: Steampunk Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. This year, I’m continuing on with the Adventure Time Halloween theme, but with a LOT less preparation. Now I want to know what YOU guys came up with. Adding photos to our Flickr pool so we can all see, is an added bonus. What’s your Halloween costume this year?

How I made my own working miniature dark ride inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Though I cannot afford to build or run an actual dark ride, nor even set up a Halloween yard, I have wanted to create a dark ride inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion since I was about eight years old. I finally determined a way, however, to bring my own dark ride ideas to life…

Horrifically awesome mortician-themed bathroom

I stumbled upon mortician-themed apothicary jars, and it hit me. I’ve already made an apothecary-themed bathroom, what would a mortician-themed bathroom look like? I’m gonna say, it’ll look something like this…

Use a towel to make a grave, and 3 other final-hour DIY Halloween projects

If you’re looking for last-minute (final hour?) Halloween decor ideas, Homie Sabrina has a ton of easy DIYs that you could do today… probably with things you already have in your home! Check out how to make a grave from a towel, how to create “witch lanterns” from Mason jars, the cheap and easy way to rust plastic, and how to make drippy candles that won’t ever drip.

Halloween recipe round-up: appetizers, snacks, and desserts

Let’s talk about Halloween FOOD! I found a few cool recipes around the internet — you’ve got your caramel toffee fruit dip, meringue ghosts, and candy corn cupcakes right here, but this list is HARDLY exhaustive. There’s a whole world of Halloween eating goodness out there! After you’ve read these and been inspired, leave your favorite recipes in the comments and share the spooktacular knowledge.

Make your own boney shoes fit for a Grim Reaper on holiday

My house is one stone sarcophagus from becoming a crypt, thanks to the piles of skeletons, bones, skulls, and various asunder bits and pieces that could be turned into bones given the right time. So of course I figured I needed to add more to my bone collection with boney shoes…

Halloween costumes based on song lyrics

Calling all music geeks for a Halloween question! If you were going to create a Halloween costume that was based on specific lyrics or a character from a song, what song comes to mind? One example would be “Devil With a Blue Dress On” which has lots of descriptive details in the verses and the chorus. Any other suggestions for costumes based on songs?

Use electrical tape to gussy up plain candle sticks

Offbeat Homie Chrome Cat uploaded this pic of her awesome candle hack to our Flickr pool.