Swedish goth moms blog too, y’all

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You guys, I may have found my Pushba.

We got a link a few weeks ago from reader Tearsong about Adora BatBrat, a “self-proclaimed goth version of Martha Stewart.” SAY WHAAAAAAAAAT! She’s named her kids after synthesizers (Synthia, Fairlight, and TeeBee), and blogs about everything from having a goth party for her eight-year-old to being a model, so a lot of ground is covered.

Photo by Adora BatBrat.

From what I can gather, Adora BatBrat is German — she recently attended the M’Era Luna Festival in Hildesheim — Sweden! (Thanks for the corrections!). Of course, where she’s from isn’t really important — the fabulousness that she exudes is. I mean, look:

Just picking up the kids!

My favorite features on her blog are the “Today’s outfit” and “My make-up” categories — I love glimpses into people who have lifestyles that are radically different from my own. I highly, highly suggest adding her blog to your favorite Reader and getting goth happy.

What favorite WAY offbeat bloggers who happen to be parents or child care-givers do you guys have? C’mon and tell me: who do you looooooove?

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    • yes, she is in Sweden. I noticed her post about going to the Kalmar Ikea, which is where my friend just moved to! Also, Swedes have MUCH better English than Germans πŸ™‚

    • Twwly! Lovely lady and a fantastic blog. Such adorable little munchkins she has πŸ™‚ I actually grew up in and live in the same town and have such appreciation for what she’s doing!

  1. Yeey! Adora! Can’t remember how I discovered her, but she’s been in my favourites list for quite a while now. She’s actually Swedish, which makes her even more daring and interesting, as Swedes are known for their obsession with conformity!

  2. i love her i’ve been watching her on you tube forever can’t get enough of her she is so awesome

  3. SHE HAS A BAR IN HER CRAFTS ROOM! I’m sorry for the caps but I just can’t help it. A BAR! IN HER CRAFTS ROOM!

    She’s my new hero.

  4. How do I find her on youtube? (I put in Adora Batbrat and nothing came up??) Please let me know….

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