Be your own cheerleader against the zombies of self-doubt and celebrate your accomplishments

When you accomplish a goal, are you the type to doubt that your accomplishment is worth acknowledging at all? If you succumb to the zombies of self-doubt, you risk burnout, loss of motivation, and being generally bummed out. Besides that, the zombies are really not good for your self-esteem. I struggle against them myself. Here's what I've come up with to try to help remind myself to be my own cheerleader and celebrate my accomplishments.


Why we decided to move out-of-state without employment

"Everyone hates their jobs! No one has money! Get over it!" Why? We started asking in return. And the resounding answer was "that's what it took to make it in our area," — an area which we didn't care for anyway. The timing was right. Our lease was ending, and so we had to commit: another six to twelve months stuck in place, or a scary leap which could wind us up skulking home to our parents, richer only in life experience.


Why part-Vulcans make bad partners

I recently came home from a couple's therapy session that left me sweating through every layer of clothing that I had on. It dealt with the two things that I struggle with the most: emotions and the expressing of them. See, there's a reason why that guy I married calls me "Foxy Spocksy." We both believe that I'm part Vulcan.


I caught that dream I was chasing. Now what?

Have you ever seen a little dog chasing a squirrel? Have you seen the look of surprise and bewilderment on the dog's face when it caught the squirrel it was chasing — almost by accident, it seems? Chasing a squirrel, or a dream, is fun. You're not risking a lot, because it's not like you'll actually catch it, right? But then you do. You caught the shit out of that squirrel! But now what? What do you do with this elusive concept of a squirrel, once you've finally caught it? Suddenly, it's real — and maybe you're no longer sure you want this squirrel.