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7 ways you can entertain your kid with nothing but a few pieces of cardboard

Cardboard is kind of the greatest toy-you-might-not-realize-is-a-toy EVER: there are endless possibilities! It’s so easy to come by! I can almost promise you that at least one grocery store in your town or city has a few boxes just LYING around, waiting for a family to come along and swoop up to turn into beautiful creations. You can also craft your own cardboard furniture if you ever get a hankering… the stuff is practically magic!

Embrace word-nerdery: 6 ways to Scrabble it up at home

Scrabblers are hardcore. Celebrate the game that takes skill, smarts, and strategy with these ways people’ve used Scrabble as a decor theme — from fridge magnets to an incredible backyard game.

Make Ouija Boards of a different flavor at your artsy craftsy Halloween party

This October we had a few friends over and all whipped up our own spirit boards in different styles. Star Wars? Check. Self-styled ninja script? We’ve got it.

See how we did it, and how you can make your own spirit boards this week.