Monday Moment: A timey-wimey clock wall

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Clock Wall!Thanks to BadGuysEqualXPS for uploading this photo to our Flickr pool. If anyone has been gifted many a wall clock, this moment comes with a pretty sweet way to deal with having that much time at your disposal…

Each clock is set to the desired time of the person that gave it to us — some to [our friend’s] time zone, some to the zone of where the clock was purchased; some early, some late.

Okay, who’s gonna gather up their gifted wall clocks and create a Time Lord moment? (Yes, I’ve managed to fit yet another Doctor Who mention in a Home post.) This would be a great idea for those who have loved ones living in other states or over seas. Oh, and you can add your DIY photo clock to the timey-wimey moment as well.

PS: Bonus retro clock to drool over!
All That and Den Some Clock

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  1. How cool–I love the idea of each being set to a different meaningful time. We have one vintage clock that always runs slow, so we just keep it set to a special time now (my husband’s birthday, haha) rather than having it keep time incorrectly.

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